Soundtrack to audiovisual installation in collaboration with Meital Covo


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Meital Covo’s Challa is a fixed-media installation video work. It brings together personal, Jewish and western symbols and myths to evoke basic human conditions. The piece was constructed from 4256 still images, depicting a five-hour process of a Challa bread rising in an oven.

The multi-channel soundtrack was produced in collaboration with Ryo Ikeshiro. Most of the audio material was derived from a wooden wind chime recorded at a high sample rate which is then slowed down and played forwards and backwards. This is in an analogous manner to the rising and falling of the bread obtained through the direction of the progression through the floating, hyper-realistic video image. The heartbeat-like sounds are transformed into a wall of noise through granular synthesis and are juxtaposed with recordings of sleep talking and artefacts such as hisses, hums and foley-like sounds. These are spacialised in relation to the screen, suggesting possible associations e.g. sounds from the front representing the bread, and those from the rear, the subconscious.