Composition: White Square, White Circle

Video with sound

Available in limited edition digital format from Sedition


Composition: White Square, White Circle is a fixed-media screening/installation work. It is an “audiovisualisation”, where the same data and process generate both the sound and the moving image. It is a homage to the Russian Suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich whose works include Black Square (1915), Black Circle (1915), Suprematist Composition (1916) and White on White (1918).

The same process in the digital medium generates both the sound and the moving image, and movements and patterns that are seen can also be heard and vice versa. Simple abstract designs are used, based on folding into a square and stretching into a circle, much like kneading dough. These shapes are moved to and fro, and gently transformed into complex structures and then back again. Despite being generated by cold, geometric forms, the wave-like motion gives the work an organic quality, suggesting the cyclical character of nature.

Video – Full HD 1080p, 3 mins
Still – High-resolution image (PNG), 1920x1080px