David Tudor’s Rainforest IV

Collaborative sound installation / durational performance


Visitor – biker
PA 1
PA 2
Metal pipe
“Rainforest” instruments inside metal pipe
Manually resonating oil barrel and metal pipe
Transducer on filing cabinet door
Live stream
Blue tom with transducer
Projecting from a microwave onto a fridge
Resonating grill
Reverse reel projection
International artists
Grand piano frame
Trolley and meter
Mobile sheet metal
Health and safety
1st floor projection
Visitors – art students
My set up
Visitors enjoying the resonance of the oil barrel
Visitors contributing to the resonance
Washing line
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Tudor’s seminal work from the 1970s is a template for what is now called sound art today. It involves resonating sound sculptures, audience interactivity, collaboration, use of found objects and feedback loops and networks.(

The group installation/performance took place in Area 10 Project Space in Peckham. It was a former Whitten’s warehouse which was used as an event space for several years before being closed for demolition and subsequent redevelopment.

All the material used for the sound sculptures were found within the vicinity of Area 10 which included remains from the timber warehouse, discarded objects from building and development sites and general junk. The event took place within the backdrop of the changing landscape of Peckham and the tide of gentrification that was to follow.