Sound Envelope HK-LDN

聲音信封 香港-倫敦 (2021)
Virtual exhibition with immersive audio from workshops on exchanging field recordings

Part of SPARK 2021 online festival supported by the British Council. Recommended browser: Chrome.

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Led by Ryo Ikeshiro (SoundLab, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong) and Tom Tlalim (Creative Research, Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London), with Dawn Scarfe and András Blazsek. Virtual exhibition by MetaObjects.

Sound Envelope uses field recordings and listening as a framework for encouraging dialogue and artistic and cultural exchange between Hong Kong and London – cities that are geographically remote but share a long history. The act of listening attentively whilst recording, playing back and mixing field recordings can make one attuned to subtle variations in our everyday sound environment, and become receptive to those of others. The title references the Asian tradition of giving money in envelopes, to wish for well-being and good fortune. The project is built on the notion of giving sounds as a gift, as a framework for artistic collaboration and exchange.

A diverse group of residents from Hong Kong and London including students from the City University Hong Kong and the University of the Arts London took part in workshops on sound and listening and created field recordings in their vicinity. The recordings were then shared amongst the participants in order to listen to a variety of sound worlds from the two cities to initiate conversation on their lives and experiences. Using the shared field recordings from Hong Kong and London, each participant has created a soundscape, presented here in a virtual exhibition. Visitors are free to click on the images in order to listen to each soundscape separately, or to walk around the exhibition space to hear an immersive mix of soundscapes close by.

  • Hong Kong participants:
    András Blazsek
    Hannah Choi
    Deng Wen Xue
    Gui Ren
    Ryo Ikeshiro
    Longman Luk
    Shek Hoi Yi
    Lina Simon
    Charlotte Hoi Ting Yeung
    Veronica Yiu
  • London participants:
    Mathias Arrignon
    Christine Bramwell
    Dereck De Abreu Coelho
    Matt Parker
    Dean Powell
    Dawn Scarfe
    Tom Tlalim
    Travis Yu
    Allen Zhang