Free improvisation and live sampling

Quartet Dec 2009
Guillaume Dec 09
Ryo, Jun, I-Chin Dec 09
Guillaume, Ryo Dec 09
Jun, I-Chin Dec 09
Ryo, Guillaume Interlace July 09
Interlace July 09
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Genosong is an improvising ensemble with live sampling. It incorporates live electronics as an augmentation of traditional acoustic instruments in an improvisational context through live sampling alone: no pre-recorded sounds or synthesis methods are used. A natural and organic electroacoustic soundscape is produced that acts as an additional voice in the ensemble; this results in further development of the musical material by the players that is then also sampled. The creation of this feedback allows for extremely interesting emergent behaviour where smooth and gradual processes are juxtaposed against abrupt and chaotic changes.


Outsider Rehearsals 2009

Track 01

Track 02

Play each track separately, or download album as single zip file (flac) with artwork.

Chien-Chun Lin: soprano
I-Chin Li: piano, percussion
Guillaume Viltard: double bass
Tom Jackson: reeds (track 02)
Ryo Ikeshiro: acoustic guitar, laptop

Track 01 recorded 02 Dec 2009 (take 1)
Track 02 recorded 18 Nov 2009 (take 2)

Live footage:



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  1. Hi,

    Well done!
    I like this atmosphere that we created.

    Many thanks to your efforts.

    Best, x

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