Externals for Max/MSP/Jitter

Currently only available for Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel). The following have only been tested on Max 5 (32-bit).

Calculates the Lorenz dynamical system and various modifications at signal rate. Can be controlled by either floats or signal for sample-accurate timing.

Includes the following externals:
ri.lorenz~ the original Lorenz
ri.lorenz.complex~ the Lorenz in the complex plane
ri.lorenz.mod~ a modified Lorenz
ri.lorenz.stenflo~ the Lorenz-Stenflo

Calculates 3D coordinates after rotation around the x, y and z axes by performing matrix (mathematical, not Jitter) multiplication at signal rate. Ideal for generating signal rate panning data for use with the rotatexyz message to

Includes the following externals: transforms coordinates according to angles of rotation
ri.rotatexyz.xyz5~ transforms 5 sets of coordinates according to angles of rotation
ri.rotatexyz.matrix~ converts 3 angles of rotation to 3×3 rotation matrix
ri.rotatexyz.calc~ transforms coordinates according to 3×3 rotation matrix

All rights reserved. These files can be used free of charge for personal and artistic purposes. If you would like to use them for some other distributed endeavour (such as stand-alone applications), please contact me to arrange an appropriate agreement concerning such use.